Advent Calendar – Friday Eleventh of December

The Gesualdo Six is a vocal consort formed in March 2014 . I first saw them on Facebook, actually I’ve only seen them on Facebook, but when they pop up it’s a lovely peaceful interlude amongst the other Facebook rubbish or the Christmas hype, or this year an escape from Covid and Brexit. Visit them on Facebook to see them singing a German Christmas Carol. The picture is of one of my favourite cathedrals, Lincoln, where one of the group was a choirboy. At the top of the city it looks wonderful illuminated for Christmas.


9 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – Friday Eleventh of December

      1. as I was watching the video, I started to wonder – when somebody has such a good voice, like these guys, what makes them choose to sing this type of music versus pop, versus folk, versus rock and roll?

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    1. Interesting question Jim. I guess they are likely to have been choir boys and know a lot of that sort of music, though that could make them want to try something totally different! Perhaps they are not inspired to write their own songs or do not have the smoky or gravelly timbres that suit folk or rock.

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