Lockdown Three

Lockdown Three has none of the drama of Lockdown One, though it is more cutting edge than Lockdown Two when schools were open and we thought we still had Christmas to look forward to. In an echo of the brilliant dramatic twist twixt lockdowns when Christmas was cancelled at the last moment, because Covid 19 reneged on its promise to give us five days off, the director instituted a brilliant scene from Downing Street in which the PM closes all schools, not the day before, but the very day after they started the new term ( a sentence nearly as long as lockdown ).

Lockdown Three promises to be longer than Lockdown Two, but with the same advantage of covering winter months, so people will be glad to huddle indoors. Are we prepared? I think it would have been more dramatic if we could be like the French and fill in forms to produce to show we have a good reason to be out. We are allowed out for exercise, to get immunised and to buy food and some people might actually have to go out to work… My freezer now has one drawer full of sliced apple from the tree in my garden; it thrived during last spring and summer’s sunny lockdowns, with no desire to leave home. Another drawer is devoted to the Christmas feast postponed till Chreastersummermas. I still have enough room for regular rations.

As my first winter being a widow it seems apt for normal life to be suspended, not that I would wish a pandemic on the rest of the world merely to take the pressure off me deciding anything. While half the population, from politicians to front line services, are busier than ever, the other half may be shielding or out of work, life curtailed to the banal or at least a gentler pace. There are plenty of positives; new hobbies, putting your CD collection in alphabetical order, having cooking fun. Gardening may have taken a back seat, but you can fill your home with pot plants and cut flowers; perhaps your family will not be able to find you in the jungle when at last they can visit.

There are new experiences for most of us. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra tomorrow starts its second series of digital, livestreamed concerts. You can buy tickets for individual concerts or the whole season on line. We had a camera club zoom party and I won the Bingo; no need to go out on a cold night with plates of food, or clear up afterwards. Every Saturday night I join in a Zoom quiz; a window on the outside world.

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (bsolive.com)https://bsolive.com/

If you get bored you can always order yourself more presents from Amazon ( yes I know we shouldn’t, but we all use them because you can find what you want, or even things you didn’t know you wanted, and it always arrives ). Nearly everyone in my family from four to forties is obsessed with Lego ( Lego is certainly not just for children ) and after many hints I was given my first Lego set – Lego Architecture mini London. It was tiny, fiddly, fun and addictive; a total change from blogging and writing. I have ordered myself a big box of Lego bricks and bits so I can make my own creations.

My little real Christmas tree in the front garden has been undecorated, but today I had a Glastonburyish idea; I am going to leave it there and tie a ribbon on every day till we’re out of lockdown.

24 thoughts on “Lockdown Three

  1. I think that is a wonderful idea for the tree! Your neighbours will see it and wonder. I am looking forward to looking back on this time. I’ve decided to be proud of myself for not going any crazier than I already a.m But it will be a close thing!

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  2. Lego would be more fun than the pesky jigsaw I am using to stave off boredom. Never mind. I had a lift today when amazon actually listed ” Penny Down the Drain” even if they did say it was unavailable. I still have a few author copies to sign and sell but goodness only knows when the bookshops will be open again so I can do it properly.I should start a new project and have been advised to continue writing for children. I suppose fantasy is a relief after all that is going on in the real world.
    Best Wishes for the New Year.

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  3. Here in South Africa, C-19 is also raging and as our data collection in the public sector is a disaster, I’m sure our infection rate is much higher than indicated. I expect we shall not be in a government imposed lockdown, but our own private one for months to come. Our short holiday was specifically taken in a very rural place where there are no people to interact with, only nature and animals.

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    1. Yes I think we have banned incoming flights from South Africa as you have a different variant – but I don’t think anyone should be flying anywhere. Australia has done well by keeping everyone out! Good you managed to have a rural break, because your private Lockdown does look set to be for a while.

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  4. Love the idea of ribbons on the tree; we could pretend to be pagans too. And I like your Lego idea: years ago, in another life, I decided I was wasting my life sitting in front of the TV (this was before I had a PC) and reverted to Airfix kits; it was terrific fun – got totally immersed in painting tiny little bits of plastic etc.

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