Silly Saturday – Covid Community Caring Characters – Interview no. 1

I may not be a medical person, but I can help those who are, make life easier for them. We’re only taking the children of key workers now, but we’ve extended our hours. They work long hours, so do we. My staff are super committed, they love their job.

Yes we are seeing a lot of anxiety among those we care for, they are sensitive to the tensions at home. They know life is not normal at present, we give them plenty of one-to-one attention. We give them individual balanced diets and plenty of fresh air and exercise. Our aim is to socialise them within their bubble groups and we have a full programme of activities and rest periods. They love the outdoor adventure playground and the indoor fun gym.

Yes we are fortunate to have this beautiful setting at Sunshine Valley. No not at all, the price reflects the cost of running an establishment like this, the high staff ratio and the excellent staff qualifications; but there is a discount for NHS. Well, all my employees are professional dog walkers and I have a degree in dog psychology. You can tell your listeners their Fur Babies will be totally safe with us at Sunny Valley Doggy Day Care.

9 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Covid Community Caring Characters – Interview no. 1

      1. I heard that on the radio, too, and it stood out. Got a sense it marked a pleasant end to the long exhausting day. Have to admit though, much as I love our cat, I struggle with the term ‘fur babies’.

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      2. I can’t stand the term fur babies or worse grandpuppy! – A friend who has been hoping for a long time for a human grandchild not too pleased to see the new puppy being treated like a baby!


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