Silly Saturday – Covid Community Caring Characters – Interview no. 2

Yes busy all day and a long day at that, we stretch ourselves to breaking point, but we know people won’t survive without us.

Why do I do this job? No day’s the same, never time to get bored, sometimes the load is very heavy, other times light.

We used to chat, but now we have to keep our distance. The good side of that is we can work quicker, we need to work quicker.

No I haven’t, I pride myself in never making mistakes, make sure I have read the instructions properly. We can’t afford to make mistakes, this is people’s lives we are dealing with.

I do ring the bell, I know some aren’t bothering now we don’t have to get a signature. It’s heart breaking knowing people want to talk, desperate to see another human being, they call out, trying to thank us, pitiful, but I’m already on my way to the next person.

No I don’t feel exploited and I certainly don’t want do-gooders boycotting the company. I need to earn money and I like being out on the road, by myself, out of the house.

Yes I have, four, the wife deals with all the home schooling, another reason I enjoy my work.

Vital? Of course, where would you all be without your Amazon deliveries?

10 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Covid Community Caring Characters – Interview no. 2

  1. I guessed parcel deliveries, DPD, or Amazon. But you managed to get every point across in a very precise format, Janet. One of my regular self-employed Amazon couriers told me he had 160 parcels to deliver that day. I don’t even know how that is possible to achieve. He gets paid a rate ‘per package’, and nothing for items that cannot be delivered. The reality of the ‘Gig Economy’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Well done Pete, not difficult to guess, you’re lucky you managed to chat to your courier. My younger son took on a Tesco delivery job in the first Lockdown, when he lost his self employed work and chatted to an Amazon driver who arrived at the same house – and heard exactly the same. Amazon driver asked about getting a job with Tesco!

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      1. Because I am an ‘official’ Amazon product tester, I get far more deliveries than is usual. One man using his own car comes almost every day, so he tends to chat briefly, albeit from a social distance since last March.

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  2. Wry smiles all round. At work, I am fascinated by the number of male colleagues handed cups of tea and snacks by partners and spouses – who, in general, work and / or look after the kids. Time feels like the proverbial goldfish bowl right now, with us the fish expanding to fit the available space.

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