Silly Saturday – Solo Sorties

A dozen places you can go to be alone. WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE?

Angel of the North, Gateshead
Western Australia
Lighthouse, Whitby Harbour
A Shropshire Field
Poole Harbour

Bournemouth Air Festival
Iona, Inner Hebrides, Scotland,
Aberdeen Coast

21 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Solo Sorties

  1. Aberdeen Coast. I would rent a room overlooking the sea, light a cigar, or two, have a bottle of single malt scotch, or two, and settle my brain in the absolute beauty of it all. I’m there already (even though I’ve never been out of the US …Canada doesn’t count…I love it here)

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  2. Janet, wonderful photos and apart from the first two I’ve been to all these areas! Ioana and the islands were breathtaking, Cornwall is stunning and Whitby a personal family favourite. My parents-in-law lived in Shropshire so we came to love the area and countryside. Oh, I’d love to see the Angel of the North in real life -your photo captures its drama and hold over visitors perfectly!

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    1. Thanks Annika, you probably win the prize for having visited most of these places. The Shropshire field is just across the road from where my younger son and fiancée are living. I love The Angel, I have never seen it in summer, usually in swirling mist or lowering skies!

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