Silly Saturday – Spaquinox

Today is the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. Not much is understood about the equinox, but it is generally thought to be yellow. Not much happens as the weathermenpeople have already told us spring started on 1st March. Some countries have already put their clocks forward in a mysterious ceremony that no one understands and other countries are doing this next weekend, while yet other countries don’t touch their clocks at all in case the world stops spinning.

In the southern hemisphere it is the autumn equinox which is not understood either, but is believed to be grey.

At the equator they don’t have equinoxes, every day is always the same, usually blue and nothing at all happens.

But all this is set to change. In the interests of equality, equinoxes will no longer have to identify as either spring or autumn and will both be called Spaquinox.

12 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Spaquinox

  1. I like the idea of colours for the Northern and Southern ones – yellow for Spring seems apt! As for the clocks going forward, I was convinced it was tonight but I see we have to wait for another week! Then I will FEEL it is Spring with long sunny (haha!) evenings!😀

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