Thursday Thoughts

So what’s been happening to us all this week? Getting out and about, doing some gardening? Every country and every person seems to have different policies on Covid so let’s not even think about that. We could go to the beach ….

Whoops – it’s been so windy there’s no sand left on the beach. So we could go down to the river…

A ferry trip turned out to be like the old normal. No hand gel, no rules, no queues, no social distancing – well I was the only passenger – and pay cash, £1….

Perhaps we should go to the circus.

What I actually set out to do was go back to our writers’ group at the library for the first time in a year and a half. Almost normal, limited to six people so a bit of negotiating who is going to go each week. Kitchen and kettle out of bounds and library coffee machine a no go area. But the words of my off line writer friends are as witty and wise as ever. The other event of the day was to have coffee in Arcado Lounge, one of my favourite places, cheerful staff, relaxing atmosphere, more fun than Costa. Open at last, same as before, just more spaced out, luckily there is plenty of space….

In the meantime, back in the outside world life continues to be stranger than fiction and provides ideas for fiction. A burglar stole the gold rosary beads that Mary Queen of Scots took to her execution. They were taken from Arundel Castle and no one can figure how they got in or out. But anyone who enjoys horror stories will know that burglar will have more to worry about than being caught by the police – what mysterious powers will that rosary have, what spirits will be unleashed by this unholy act of theft?

22 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. The worth of the rosary beads is in their history, so they will likely find their way into another collection. They have been around for centuries, so I guess they can bide some time quarantined in private hands. I doubt the thief, fence, or recipient will be using them to pray!

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  2. I have a feeling that there will be a “new normal” even when all restrictions are lifted. More working from home, a continuation of online grocery shopping, still buying the smallest items from Amazon. Our village has seemed friendlier too, long May it continue.

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    1. Yes there will for sure, just shopping on line has become part of our lives. I love my Co Op up the road – they started doing motor scooter deliveries early on in the pandemic. I don’t drive, so I can top up my shopping on foot. You can get deliveries any time, any day.

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  3. It has only stopped raining here this morning, so the prospect of a sunny weekend is strangely exciting. I am trying to ignore the 15-inch high grass on the lawn. If asked why I am not mowing it, I will say I am ‘allowing nature to thrive durning the pandemic’.
    No dinosaurs spotted on Beetley Meadows as yet, but I live in hope!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Janet, it is amazing to feel a hint of normality be it well-spaced. Great about your group meeting up again and what a fascinating snippet about the theft of Mary Queen of Scots’ rosary beads. Definitely, a book waiting to be written! 😀

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