Silly Saturday- About and Out

So you are allowed to venture to more places now, as long as you have booked in advance, taken six negative Covid tests, have a vaccination certificate and don’t mind queuing. To save stress why not visit places and attractions nobody else will want to visit?

Your friendly local.
Boat trips
Buckingham Palace – the cheap replica.
Orient Express – economy size.
Forgotten art gallery.
One star hotel
Two star hotel
Family hotel
Economy sized great cathedral.
A rural hideaway full of charm.

Enjoy your weekend.

15 thoughts on “Silly Saturday- About and Out

  1. I recognise that family hotel room, been there, Bude in Cornwall! Adventure week when the kids were 6 and 8, canoeing, abseiling, horse riding, massive meals on an all-in holiday. Daughter fell out of the top bunk in the middle of the night. 34 years later we’re still talking about it ….. happy days, no phones or computers, evenings were board games and quizzes.

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