Silly Saturday – Strange Scenes

Going round the bend you cannot see what lies round the corner, be careful where you end up.

Do you dare take a bus?

If you know where you are, let me know… and if you want to go somewhere really strange


23 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Strange Scenes

      1. I don’t need much temptation as I don’t drive and I have a choice of blue bus and yellow buses down the road.. Blue buses are way ahead of the game in comfort and convenience; a voice tells you which bus stop is coming up, they have wifi and you can plug your phone in to charge – also they remind you they would like you to wear your mask, even though it is no longer compulsory!


  1. These are great pictures. Janet. I enjoyed them all. I have two of your books on my TBR. I will move them up as I feel guilty for not getting to them yet. I just end up with so many committed reads for book clubs and book launches, but I have not forgotten.

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  2. Thanks Robbie. I won the weekly camera club challenge on our Facebook page – the topic was strange angles so I used two of my Silly Saturday pictures! Do not worry about reading, though hopefully they will be a bit of escapism. I hope Michael is getting on okay.

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