Monday Funday

Just because your relatives are cabbages does not mean you can’t be beautiful.

For the second summer in a row I haven’t been far afield so I have taken endless pictures of flowers and tried a few new things like the mini wildflower meadow thanks to free packets of seeds from 38degrees and buzzy bee charities… and not mowing part of the ‘lawn’.

But every time we had a rainy spell it was mushrooms that grew or were they toadstools or fungii…

But flowers are still popping up in the meadow.

The tomatoes were a great success, both of them.

Mr. Nosey Potato got left behind at my house then there was another lockdown so I planted him in a pot…

But someone didn’t want to eat Mr. Nosey’s children.

This was my best shot of the Bournemouth Air Festival – I missed the wing walkers flying over the back garden and a Red Arrow flying over the roof…

When Christmas was cancelled I left the Chreasterbirthdaymas tree in the front garden and tied a ribbon on for each day of lockdown. This month it is a Breastmas tree as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

This is the newest garden development Chez Tidalscribe, a wheelie bin store with deluxe plant shelf and self filling watering can. Thanks to Strobe Interiors. And it’s that time of year when gardeners can cheat and buy lots of cyclamen at the greengrocers ( and just about everywhere ) for instant colour.

(11) Strobe Interiors | Facebook

For genuine gardeners here are some more floralia.

32 thoughts on “Monday Funday

  1. Lovely flowers, Janet! I used to grow tomatoes but we didn’t eat them fast enough because they were ripened all at once. We don’t eat too much potatoes either, so I just stay with growing green vegetables.

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  2. As a fellow gardener, thank you for this cornucopia of delights. I’m having this quote framed. ‘Just because your relatives are cabbages does not mean you can’t be beautiful.’ Should make a great talking point when the family visits. 🙂

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  3. I think mushrooms are interesting. None of the types that grow in my garden are edible, and a few are rather sinister looking, but they’re part of the scene. Those red roses are beautiful. I think of the Echinops (Globe Thistle) as the ‘Covid plant.’

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    1. Hello Audrey, yes fungi of all sorts are quite awesome, though I don’t know much about them. The red rose was a gift from my neighbour in memory of my husband. I am not very good with roses so I hope it blooms as well next year. The bees love the Echinops – why do you think of it as the Covid plant Audrey?

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      1. Because of its shape and all those little spikes. I don’t hold that against it, though. They are welcome in my garden because they’re drought-tolerant and yes, the bees love them. And they’re blue, always a plus for me!


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