Really Surreal

When you get back into town and nothing is quite how you remembered…

A jolly day out…
…meeting friends…
…for coffee…
Think the weather’s brightening up?
Shopping centre’s changed since I was last here.
Wonder what the new book shop is like.
…or the new department store?
Very nice, but I haven’t seen any human beings yet…

17 thoughts on “Really Surreal

  1. Reminds me of some of the derelict towns on the Cumbrian coast. Ignored by successive governments since the death of iron & steel, coal and fishing, and ignored by the Lake District because not fashionable enough!

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  2. That’s very strange. On my few and far between trips to Norwich, the city is always bustling with people, and the shops crowded. Perhaps the poor broadband and wi-fi signals in Norfolk mean that less people shop online? 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Hi Janet…it seems when I respond my phone the comments on the blog oh the wonders of technology…sigh…I think are correct about all being in Wetherspoons…haha…Thank you for following CarolCooks2…Have a lovely Sunday 🙂 x

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