Round and Round and Upside Down

Which door will you go through to find what is real?

Take a walk…

…round and round

and upside down.

Where will you end up?

All pictures in this week’s blogs guaranteed taken this week and within walking distance of my house. For stories set in or inspired by my local area try one of my short story collections.

23 thoughts on “Round and Round and Upside Down

    1. Yes indeed Audrey. In the interests of photography and blogging I should have gone inside the house; when it was in town a few years back ( and red ) we saw someone come out saying ‘Don’t go in there, it made me feel sick I had to come out.’ so we didn’t go in.

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  1. Good to hear, Janet…Donna if fine and finished her treatment…Lauren is not so good I am going over 9th of June for a month she still has radiotherapy and a stomach implant to be done…thank you for asking 🙂 x

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