Writers’ Wooden Sheds.

Marina Sofia at Finding Time To Write has a fun Friday post where she finds a selection of pictures with a theme. From ‘which castle would you like to live in’ to ‘how about one of these unusual libraries?’ Today she posted pictures of writers’ sheds in the garden and unlike castles and mansions I do actually have one of those. We call it the Aunty Evelyn Memorial Summer House in memory of the aunt we all thought had no money, but left seven of us equal shares. Enough to buy my little retreat. Alas it is currently full of stuff belonging to other family members, so you are not privileged to peek inside. I do also have a beach hut, a six foot wooden box ( not a coffin ) that sits on a piece of concrete rented at an exorbitant rate from the council. Most beach hut people use their hut to get changed, boil the kettle, eat, read and sun bathe, but I also try to get my money’s worth writing / scribbling.

Where is your favourite spot to write? Do you like to be connected to electricity or scribble first drafts on paper?

This is where T S Eliot wrote The Wasteland while convalescing in Margate, Kent.

16 thoughts on “Writers’ Wooden Sheds.

  1. I’ve been promising myself a ‘she-shed’ at the bottom of the garden for ages. I also love the sea although I’m miles away from it, so a connecting unicorn express would be perfect. 😀

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  2. My favorite place to write is my study with all my familiar books and pictures around me. There are times when I would love to have my own writing retreat where no one can interrupt me and I can’t hear my neighbor across the street shooting off his guns.

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  3. My husband built me a nice garden shed about 15 years ago. I have only written in there a few times, because it’s not really set up for that. I must say, beach huts are a totally foreign phenomenon here in Canada, but your description of their uses does sound attractive. A bit of privacy away from sun and wind, not to mention prying eyes.

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    1. Hello Audrey, of course for gardeners there are more important things to do in a shed than write! Beach huts are descended from bathing machines which were wheeled down to the edge of the sea so one could slip modestly into the water! They are very popular, we were on the waiting list for six years to get ours.

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  4. Beach huts in Norfolk and Suffolk can sell for up to £250,000! Even a shabby one at the wrong end of the front can fetch £100,000. I don’t think I would like to write outside, even in a shed. Too many distractions in the open air. I like to be in my very untidy 8 X 8 office room in the house, using a well-connected PC with a big monitor screen.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Yes Pete I can well imagine the prices for those beach huts. Within walking distance from my house are the mega overnight beach huts on the sand flats twixt Christchurch harbour and the Solent. They cost more than most people’s houses. It’s a lovely spot, but not very private, with walkers like me continually walking by peering at the interiors or what the owners are having for their al fresco lunch.

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  5. I laughed at your description of your aunt. I know a few people who like to give the appearance of having no money though they’re reasonably well-off. Keeps the solicitors away somewhat.

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