Silly Sunday – News in Brief

NASA launches a new rocket tomorrow, it’s orange.

Scientists have warned…

Europe’s biggest street festival is on this weekend, two million people are expected to attend…

Scientists have discovered…

A celebrity is suing the well known…

Experts have revealed

Well known celebrity appears in court.

Leading doctors warn of…

World leaders are gathering…

An Extra Galactical Astronomer explains the importance of the orange rocket and tries to explain what an Extra Galactical Astronomer is.

21 thoughts on “Silly Sunday – News in Brief

  1. I don’t know about extra galactical astronomers but the fuel tank on the launch thingy for the space shuttle was orange. I only know this because I just used a picture of it for my next blog which explores the connection between it and a Roman horse’s bum!
    My model Thunderbird Three was orange.
    It’s a great colour for a rocket!

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