Friday Flash Fiction – digital dialogue 440 – What Now?

‘Shall I put the news on?

‘No point…’

‘I thought you liked to catch up with events?’

‘Nothing to catch up with now the funeral’s over.’

‘Only what’s been going on in the rest of the world.’

‘No thanks, it was lovely having a break, I really miss The Queue and the marching oh and the vigils. There’s nothing to talk about at work now. Back to hearing about Thelma’s operation and Kitty’s boyfriend.’

Do you mind if I put it on, I want to see what the Chancellor of the Exchequer revealed in the Fiscal Event.’

‘The Fiscal what?’

‘Budget, mini budget, bound to be bad news, whatever it’s called.’

‘I can’t remember what the new chancellor’s called.’

‘No, nor can I, but apparently he’s very clever, won a scholarship to Eton and won University Challenge single handed.’

17 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction – digital dialogue 440 – What Now?

  1. No surprises in the mini-budget. More money for the rich, and the poor can eat cake. High time we brought out the tumbrils and stormed our version of the Bastille.
    I was interested to see just how much world news had been ‘suppressed’ during the Royal Show. There had been quite a lot going on, and barely a mention.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Glad I found your post. I have been searching for every possible mention of the Queen’s funeral. 😎 Ironically, even those who disliked the Queen, the Royals, or the funeral coverage spent so much time talking about how much they hated all of it! Impressive how she controlled the conversation after death.

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