Silly Saturday – Busy Bournemouth

Saturday used to be a busy shopping day in most towns…

…but on line shopping and Covid hastened the decline of our favourite shops.

What can towns do to brighten things up? Rainbow buses or
What can towns do to brighten things up? Rainbow buses or

cheerful toilets or

have an arts festival with sunshine thrown in.

Strange objects waiting for a performance later.

This looked interesting, but I don’t do queues, so I can’t tell you what it was like inside alas.

You will have to read the book instead.

What is it like to be a bee?

Everywhere was busy.

We may keep losing shops, but at least we have a permanent upside down house.

I decided it was time I looked inside and

out of the upside down window.

Find out about upside down houses and the arts festival.

32 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – Busy Bournemouth

    1. Yes I remember your local links. We moved here 18 years ago and the town centre is completely different. I met a confused couple on holiday the other day wondering where you actually bought clothes. I have been in town four times for non shopping reasons in the past 8 days, but have been pleasantly surprised how busy and buzzing it has been, perhaps all the new students. Thumbs up for Waterstones who are still there, have a nice cafe upstairs and I managed to find a perfect ( not a book ) easy to post birthday present; ironic to get excited because you actually manage to buy something!

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      1. We chose a lovely day so enjoyed walking along the front, but in the town itself, the only thing I bought was a burrito! It’s all service now. Salisbury has gone the same way.
        I have a client who goes down there regularly and who assures me that Castle Point is still thriving but the last time we went over there… must have been before the stroke, which was almost 7 years ago.

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      2. Yes! My friend’s late husband was working on the project and told them it was the wrong spot, the wrong sort of ground and they ignored him. We hardly ever went there, but now it has our only M&S; my mission was successful once I had taken the circuitous route to get in there. But I could not find my way into B&Q, upstairs or downstairs.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been in an upside-down house, but I’m surprised how uncomfortable it makes me feel just looking at pictures.

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    1. Ha ha Pete, yes there was an upside down house at the top end of town a good few years back and a person came out saying ‘Don’t go in there, it made me feel sick!’ So my late husband certainly wasn’t going to pay five pounds to feel sick and we never went in. I felt better than I expected. Now I wonder if i will ever go on the zip wire from the pier to the beach…

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  2. It seems a lot of businesses gave up during lockdowns an restrictions. Luckily the small towns here seem to be recovering. There are very few large chain stores, just lots of small independent shops and although some sites are still empty there re enough start ups to keep things humming.

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