Monday Madness – Baz the Bad Blogger Returns

He’s back! Yes, having just realised lockdowns are over Baz wants to reconnect with other bloggers and hopes to get more than one follower this time. In a series of exclusive interviews and blog shares I find out, or try to find out, what Baz has been doing since 2020.

You can see what Baz was doing in 2020 here.

‘Hello Baz, the last time I spoke to you we heard you were working on your second novel Panzombic.’

‘Yes I have just finished it so I thought I better do some blogs to publicise it. You can buy it on Amazon for £25.’

‘Is that the hardback?’

‘No, the Kindle version, paperback £50, hardback £100. It does have 853, 231 words, so you will get your money’s worth.’

‘In 2020 you were hoping to start a new series of blogs about your garden, Baz’s Blooms.’

‘Yes, that is the blog I am sharing today, I have done a lot of work on my garden during lockdown.’


‘Thanks Baz, I’m sure many gardeners will be inspired by your garden and we can also see you have plenty of leisure interests.’ Enjoy further blogs from Baz soon including his good food guide, shopping hints and his take on Thursday Doors.

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