Tuesday Talk with Baz the Bad Blogger.

Despite his success, Baz is just an ordinary chap who enjoys popping out to the shops. We join him on an everyday trip.

Baz says he enjoys healthy eating and visiting local shops with their friendly staff. He is looking forward to creating a blog series on cooking and hopes to compete on television baking programmes.

Tomorrow Baz introduces us to some of his literary friends.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk with Baz the Bad Blogger.

    1. Hello Pete, I expect Beetley delicatessen will have doughnut chicken. That salmon was a few years ago in the CoOp , I couldn’t believe it, never seen it since, but I did notice joints of beef were locked up yesterday,

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      1. We don’t have any shops in Beetley, Janet. And the local town of Dereham doesn’t have anything resembling a delicatessen. It’s quite a low-wage area, though we once had a nice farm shop in Gressenhall, but that closed down.The Pound Shop and the Co-Op are the busiest shops in the town centre, and the most popular of the four supermarkets on the edge of town is Aldi. πŸ™‚
        Best wishes, Pete.

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