Recycling Lives rebuilding lives while doing their bit to save the planet

Recycling share of the week , but this is more about recycling people.

Life & Soul Magazine

Recycling Lives is helping to change the world through recycling waste and so avoiding landfills, and providing vulnerable people with opportunities.

Recycling Lives uses its commercial operations, primarily in the recycling and waste management sector, to create social good by directly supporting and sustaining its own social and charitable programmes.

The award-winning recyclers aim to help vulnerable people – including the homeless and ex-offenders – to work their way back to independent living. Recycling Lives does this by offering disadvantaged people a holistic six-stage programme of accommodation, training, education and work experience opportunities, which guarantees permanent work and accommodation of their own.

These programmes work to reduce reoffending rates, homelessness and food poverty through offender rehabilitation, a residential charity and food redistribution.

Learning how to recycle metal and drive a fork-lift truck are addressed alongside basics such as literacy and numeracy, which are so vital in everyday life, and food budgeting…

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