Silly Saturday – The Past Unblogged

It’s a tragedy, so many years wasted, so many years of our lives unblogged and the more decades you have put in on this planet, the greater the loss. Interesting events could have been shared legibly with the world instead of scribbled on an aerogramme to a few family and friends.

For those who haven’t been to a post office museum, an aerogramme bore little resemblance to Instagram, but in its own humble way was very convenient. A foldable gummed piece of blue paper bought from the post office; the idea being to write in large neat script at the top, then realise you had plenty yet to say and pack the words in tighter. By the time you turned over to the fourth and last panel you were reduced to illegible scribble with hardly room to sign your name. Then stick it down and post in a letter box. Perhaps there are attics full of these flimsy blue papers, full of family history across the seas…


On holiday people could send picture post cards and still can, but they would not be in the picture… how many miles of travel unrecorded on Facebook, Instagram and blogs? Travellers had to wait till they got back to their hotel or tent to try and write to their loved ones, more likely no one would know where they had been until they had returned and who would believe they had been at the top of that mountain or canoed round those tropical islands without proof?

If you could go back in time and blog about your life which times would you reveal? A worse thought; if your parents had been blessed with the internet would they have been writing funny blogs about your nappy disasters at the swimming pool changing room or your tantrum in the supermarket…


13 thoughts on “Silly Saturday – The Past Unblogged

  1. Interesting topic with good questions. Going back in time, I might have written about what it was like starting college as a somewhat older adult, or possibly about my journey in gardening. Even if the Internet had been available earlier, I can’t see my parents putting our lives out there for all to see. They were licensed realtors and made a nice living off of house sales after my father “retired.” Maybe they could have done something fun on the internet related to real estate, house shopping or house staging?

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    1. Thanks Becky. Gardening is a good topic for blogging, photographs preserve a scene that is ever changing and you have something left to remember gardens you have to leave behind. Houses for sale now have virtual tours on line. I wonder how your parents would have liked constantly updating a website?

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  2. I remember those aerogrammes well – my main memory is sitting at the kitchen table as a 10 yr old in Australia, being “encouraged” to write thank you letters to relatives in England. It seemed such a chore, and SO difficult to fill the whole letter. What seemed like acres of blue paper soon became inadequate as I got older and wrote to my sister who had gone back to England. How could I fit in all the things I wanted to tell her? Those letters also suffered the fate of Tidalscribe’s – becoming progressively more and more crowded as I went down the page.

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  3. Heavens to Murgatriod! I remember those aerograms. πŸ˜€ Once I could write legibly, I was allowed to have the fourth page all to myself on the letters my parents sent ‘back home’ to England. πŸ˜€

    I think I would’ve blogged about my motorcycle accident back in 1983 … but only if I could include the insights I have now about it. πŸ˜€

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