Wednesday Words

When I am late writing my Wednesday blog, which is not always on Wednesday and sometimes moves to Thursday… Whenever I AM writing it I wonder why I am not doing Wordless Wednesday, like so many other bloggers. Pop a picture on and it’s done.

Wordless Wednesday

Which leads me to ponder the popularity of using the days of the week. I have Friday Flash Fiction, but I fear so do other bloggers or is that Flash Fiction Friday, is there a monopoly on days or titles? Can I patent Silly Saturday? If you want to post on Saturday don’t be Silly, choose Sensible, Strange or Strictly – for those who only post blogs on Saturday.  Musing on Monday, Tuesday Tunes, Thursday Thoughts, Thor’s Day Thunder, Sunday Salon. Other languages expand the possibilities, I do still remember les jours de la semaine from French lessons. Jardin Jeudi, pictures of gardens are favourites, especially when there is a pandemic on. Lunatics Lundi, Mardi Marvelous, Mecredi Motivation, Visages Vendredi…  luckily we share some of our words.

Le Matin

Words or pictures or both and how many? There is nothing wrong with just posting one picture, every picture tells a story, though you may sometimes be hard put to work out what the story is, but if you are snowed under with unvisited blogs you can dash in and out and a scene of somewhere you have never been and never likely to visit could brighten your day. Using pictures chosen by someone else is also popular for inspiration for flash fiction or haiku…

Haiku is everywhere and why write 2000 words when you could compose a haiku.

If I could save time

By writing words that rhyme

In only three lines…

20 thoughts on “Wednesday Words

  1. I can’t speak for others but I use haiku as a way to express feelings on nature and Iandscape. I am often inspired by pictures and I find the haiku form simple and soothing as well as inspiring. They are also quick to read and absorb in a world
    where people are always rushed.

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  2. haha. Love the Haiku!! I have never written a Haiku. Maybe one day . . . I write specific posts on specific days cuz I’m lazy. Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat: Daily Quip, Wed: poem, Fri: Shady Quip, Sun: Big Post about anything. It keeps me organized and focused. I think you should do whatever pleases you.

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  3. As a regular poster of haiku when I can’t quite manage anything else, I can assure you that rhyming is unnecessary. It’s the cherry on the cake if you want to make your haiku rhyme but it’s even easier if you don’t and the cake is still (usually) edible. Blogging about not being able to think of anything to blog about is also a tried and tested formula…

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  4. And not only days of the week, but the time. Should it be mid-afternoon when readers are enjoying a break with a cup of tea? or perhaps late evening for some bedtime reading? But that might be the middle of the night in other time zones. And another thing, never start a sentence with a preposition. 😀 Now, where did I leave my Haiku?

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  5. Some of the best blog posts begin with one simple thought or a random photo.

    By the way, when did we decide that all Flash Fiction categories must involve alliteration? It might be time to buck the trend.

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