Trials and Tribulations

What do you do when things go wrong? Scream and breathe fire. Not actually go wrong in real life, just on WordPress; hang on, that is real life…

Happiness engineer says try a different browser,or at least that was the only part of the prompt email reply I understood, so here I am on the iPad missing my huge screen desktop where my real blog is stuck in a word document…. But I must remember my own mantra, widowed and in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, what’s the worst that could happen having problems with WordPress…. I’ll just keep doing test posts and try not to panic!

A calming picture.

27 thoughts on “Trials and Tribulations

  1. ‘Happiness engineer?’ That’s taking the wee. I think they assume that all bloggers have masters degrees in computing. On the bright side, this one worked and that’s the best picture I’ve seen all day of a beach 😊

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  2. The WP gremlins have been in situ here for a while I just can’t face being told to “try another browser” I’m sure that will be their epitaph and on their tombstones…sigh…I feel your pain 🙂 x

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  3. Our writing group members with i-pads have ecperienced more glitches with opening each other’s works and with Zoom meetings over lockdown than those of us with common-or-garden Windows workhorses. (Of course, they may be superannuated i-pads – I only hear of the problems and send them out pdfs)

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  4. I have an Android tablet, but never use it for blogging, only reading. My Windows tower PC is steadier, and far more reliable. Some years back, a WP Happy Person suggested I change from Firefox to Chrome. I must admit that stopped around 75% of the issues. I also never use MS Word, and don’t like guest posts sent on it. As soon as I open a MS word doucment, I get endless pop-ups telling me to ‘Register’.
    But as I know nothing at all about Apple IOS, that is of no help to you, Janet. Sorry.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. Thanks Pete; yes we only got the iPad to do FaceTime when our son was posted to USA for three years- I don’t actually understand how it works! I prefer the desk top and my big screen so I can see what I am doing – not that that always helps!


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