Idle Thoughts of a Tidalscribe

Why Omicron, what happened to the other letters before that. I keep forgetting what it’s called… Omicrom, onicrom, Covicrom… What is your favourite Greek letter? I rather like Epsilon.

For ordinary folk everyday chit chat is banal, but the life blood of family, friends and hum drum jobs; the antidote to World Crisis, disasters and politics. It means nothing to outsiders and sounds very dreary.

Six boxes short on the crisps and they haven’t delivered the sandwiches!

Hardly a Global Crisis, but to the three workers on the team it is a big drama.

I saw Phil when I was in Aldis!

A remark full of significance when you relate your shopping trip to your friend, in fact you messaged her before you even left the store.

Our regular banal conversations are now littered with remarks that meant nothing two years ago, testing positive would probably have referred to pregnancy.

Sharon’s tested positive. Have you had your results yet? Evie’s going back to school on Friday. No she can’t think where she got it from and her friend had to come and collect the dog.

Covid, Christmas, Chemotherapy and restricted lives bring vivid dreams as our brains take themselves on holiday. Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley camera club in the church hall – in my dressing gown and pyjamas. Next minute a fellow blogger ( who doesn’t even blog about cooking ) was concocting the most delicious recipe, deep frying rich wraps of hidden delights. The food fantasy is understandable when chemo and sore tongue make food tasteless or vile. I am obviously missing an ideal opportunity to ascend to a higher spiritual state in which food is no longer important, or even vital. I do not have what it takes to go into the wilderness and live on leaves, but at least I have found that out now before going up a mountain or into the desert. The fact that millions of people do not have enough food does not stop me being filled with lowly envy when people drop remarks like

‘No, we’re fine, we stopped off at MacDonalds on the way.’

I hardly ever have MacDonald’s and have certainly never ordered a cooked breakfast from Tesco to be delivered to my door, but these are now things on my wish list for 2022. I have learnt a few things though. Expensive and fad diets are pointless, if you eat less you lose weight. If you want to try this without chemo, just picture honestly what you have eaten and drunk at the end of each day and cut out the sneaky biscuits, fizzy drinks, crisps, chocolate ( insert your favourite treats ) the next day. I do now have an insight into young children at meal times, or people with eating disorders; putting something into your mouth when you have no idea what it will taste like or cannot bear the idea of anything passing your lips. We glibly tell our children they are going to like strange textures and flavours with no notion what their tongue is telling their brain.

Your body in good health is a marvellous machine that repairs itself, with your skin and nerves protecting you from the outside world and your internal organs function efficiently without having to be programmed by a computer. You do not need expensive moisturisers or exotic food supplements. But there are the odd benefits to chemo interfering with your system. After decades of barefoot and sandal wear resulting in as many decades of pumicing and moisturising my heels ( in fairness to our bodies, the feet naturally grow tough soles to walk barefoot, much healthier than wearing shoes ) my heels just fell off, revealing the feet I had not had since I was  baby…

38 thoughts on “Idle Thoughts of a Tidalscribe

  1. At least it wasn’t your wheels falling off. 🙂 In all seriousness, I cannot imagine the dreariness of food becoming simply fuel and I hope your taste returns post haste. btw I am indebted to another blogger for the revelation that ‘omicron’ is an anagram of ‘moronic’. I’m not sure whether that signals the level of intelligence of the virus itself or or the anti-vaccination brigade, 😉

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  2. It hit me the other day that “omicron” means “small o,” as opposed to “omega,” which means “big o.” Not that I know Greek, but I think that’s interesting. I wonder if there will be a pi variant. If we make it all the way to the omega variant, we’ll be in trouble.
    I do hope you are able to enjoy Christmas dinner!

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  3. My heels get very hard walking Ollie while wearing heavy boots. I spend a lot of time using my ‘Ped-Egg’, (the best device I have found) as otherwise, they split, and really hurt. Having ‘baby feet’ sounds wonderful. But how you got them is not to be envied.
    Take care, Janet.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. That’s one good thing that’s come out of Covid then. I am off the sport spectrum, I would die of boredom talking about sport, though there is a Covid connection to provide gossip. Would England cricket team be allowed into Australia to play the Ashes, yes, but Western Australia is in permanent Covid lockdown and wouldn’t let the game go to Perth.

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  4. Yes, the taste and sore mouth my daughters are a tad behind you…I hope you enjoy your Christmas dinner, Janet they have worked out that they likely won’t and my other daughter law for a totally different reason(fractured) jaw has to have her dinner liquidised and through a straw…not sure which is the most unappealing but will go with both…Happy Holidays 🙂 x

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  5. I was nodding away reading your blog – ‘and then my heels fell off.’ I had a vision of you walking around on tippy-toe, then decided you meant hard skin, then thought you probably meant shoes, then thought how awful to eat chocolate and not even enjoy it. 😀 May your taste buds return in time for the brussel sprouts, Janet so you have a Merry Christmas. x

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