Tuesday Today

Several bloggers mentioned they had not heard of beach huts, so I could not resist taking these pictures today, stopping for lunch at my beach hut on a walk to Bournemouth.
I won’t tell you where these are as there is not enough room for everyone to visit at once. As you can see, I was the only one at home today, though generally there were many people out and about.

29 thoughts on “Tuesday Today

  1. In most places I see beach huts, I rarely see toilets nearby. Is that an issue, I wonder? 🙂
    (As an example, at Wells-Next-The-Sea in Norfolk, there are famous beach huts. But the nearest public toilet is at least 10 minutes walk from them.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Funny you should say that, we are right next to the toilet block, but a while back there was a fire in our toilets and they are still out of use, gents, ladies and disabled replaced with four plastic portaloos- the sort that look like they will fall over or the door might fly open as passers by walk by! We have got other toilets in both directions a walk away. I might do a blog on toilets, my pet subject… Margate has hardly any public toilets.

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    1. Hello Pete, I am thrilled that I seem to have introduced a ‘lifestyle’ that is new to so many. People write books about the subject; I actually have a book about a young woman walking round the whole of our coast seeing all the beach huts.

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  2. lovely beach huts, I’ve not seen beach huts in decades. None of the big beaches I’ve been to have ever had them. Their bright colours really add to the location.

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    1. Thanks Ari. I would be the first to admit that untouched beaches with nothing but sand dunes and nature are wonderful and we have that across the water on the Isle of Purbeck. Our bit of seaside is man made to an extent; as soon as a promenade was created many years ago the natural erosion of the cliff was interrupted, groynes were built and the sand has to be replenished, but it’s all part of the varied scenery of the British seaside.

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  3. I would love a beach hut, or the modern equivalent of a she-shed, complete with running water, loo, mini oven/hob, Wi-Fi and a snoozy bench where I could escape and pretend to be working. 😀 There are still some in Malta which I’ve fantasised of owning but I think are now used to store boats.
    I’d be intrigued to read your blog post on toilets as I’d always assumed beach huts included one. Shows how little I know.

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    1. Yes V we should all have a she shed. Alas our beach huts are but wooden boxes. We use the beach front toilets and fill up with water from a stand pipe, a bit like camping. There are some deluxe overnight beach huts you can rent for a mini holiday from the council which have a toilet and shower. Look out for more beach hut blogs.

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  4. I’ve seen the beach huts on the east coast except it was during winter when we went. They were closed with no visitors. Your beach and beach huts photos are gorgeous. It looks like a beautiful day walking on the beach. Thank you for sharing, Janet.

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  5. There is a similar concept here on Long Island NY beaches known as”beach cabanas.” Often passed from generation to generation these coveted little huts are a little bit of Heaven…an escape from the blazing sun and a fabulous sunset refuge for a cocktail overlooking the Atlantic Ocean..

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