Beach Boxes

Winter walk on the promenade.

An Australian visitor once commented ’Why would you go to the beach and sit in a wooden box.’ Fair comment, though we hope to sit outside it in the sun, it is good to retreat into if it rains or gets very windy. jThere has been unexpected blogger interest in beach huts. They are all different, no that’s not true, rows and rows of identical huts all the same size, though interiors can be very creative. our huts have no facilities except callor gas rings, perfect for mulled wine at Christmas.

When we first moved here the late Cyberspouse was at work and thought he would ring up the council and ask for a beach hut. He was told there was a six year waiting list and we did wait six years! It was worth it if you consider that had we not gone on the list we would not have got one at all. He liked to cycle there after work and have some peace and quiet – if I wasn’t there…

Beach Lodges with kitchen, toilet, shower and sleeping for six. Rent from the council for mid week or weekend stays. I can’t tell you how much, that would depend on the date and I couldn’t negotiate the website, though I gather you have to be quick.

Next time – beach hut drama!

23 thoughts on “Beach Boxes

  1. Different beach cultures, Janet. Beaches in western Canada have a lot of washed up logs and bits of wood on them (“driftwood”). It’s not uncommon for beach goers (younger ones) to construct small hut-like structures out of this wood. I suppose it keeps them amused. Everyone else just unrolls their towels or beach blankets and roasts in the sun. Beach fires and parties used to be common after dark, but I think most authorities now forbid open fires and loud whoop-ups.

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  2. I can see the need for beach huts in England, Janet. You need somewhere to sit and get your breath back after fighting the freezing cold wind all the way along the beach. In South Africa, they are used as a place to change into and out of a swimsuit and to escape the sizzling sun.

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  3. Beach hut drama?! Janet, I can’t wait to see what happened there? These are very flash beach huts compared to the ones on the coast of East Anglia. Here everyone seems to take over the promenade with deck chairs, BBQs etc so tricky to negotiate one’s way down the seafront on sunny summer days! Very fancy with the beach lodges and I imagine these are popular – once people have worked out the website! 😀

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