Beach Hut Drama

On Valentine’s night February 2014 Britain had a huge storm, not dramatic compared with world disasters, but several people were killed and the walls of our brick house shook. In the morning the storm was still raging and tales emerged of dramas; the public were warned to stay away from coastal areas, so I looked up the time of high tide, 9am and told Cyberspouse we must walk to the cliff top. We could lean straight into the howling wind coming off the sea, safe from being blown off the cliff, but as we peered over the edge we had a shock.

Beach huts were reduced to matchsticks and heavy gas bottles blown along the promenade. Naturally I insisted to Cyberspouse that we go down, along with other sightseers. Beach hut owners were shocked to see their huts no longer existed and searched the wreckage for any belongings they could salvage. Of course losing your home is far worse than a little wooden box and easy to say as our hut, further along and on an upper level was fine! The owners who had lost beach huts certainly did not look happy. But I had an idea for a story, what would happen to anyone down on the promenade that night? my idea even became the start of my novel ’At The Seaside Nobody Hears You Scream.’ Read more about the novel on my About page.

15 thoughts on “Beach Hut Drama

  1. That was the year that Cromer Pier was almost destroyed, and some houses on the Norfolk Coast fell into the sea. It happened again in 2018 at Hemsby, on the east coast of Norfolk.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. We get the occasional tsunami in California, typically following an earthquake. Curious (some might say uneducated) people will go down to the beach. I don’t think they realize that they’re not going to outrun a 500-600 mph wave.

    That must have been quite a sight for you and Cyberspouse. I’ve always liked the title of your book, Janet.

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    1. Hello Pete, in the unlikely event of a tsunami I think I would stay on the cliff top! Glad you like the title, the sound of the wind was incredible that morning and nobody would have heard you scream, which gave me the idea for the title!

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  3. I can see all kinds of terrible things happening to the beach huts and the owners. Your Seaside book is fascinating, Janet. We went to North Caroline right after hurricane Katrina. My husband wanted to go diving there and didn’t want to cancel the trip. The hotel was closed due to the flooding and leaking when we got there. My husband still kept calling the dive shops. He was lucky to have a few other guys who wanted to dive. Anything could have happened there also.

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