Weird Wednesday – Baz the Bad Blogger and Friends

Welcome to Day 3 of our chats and blog sharing with Baz the Bad Blogger, in which we meet some of his friends.

‘Baz, we start with a lovely family photo of your father. Was he a great influence in your life?’

‘Yes, I get my sense of humour from him.’

‘And still talking about your family I hear your next book is going to take a look at your famous forebears.’

‘Yes we have a strong literary tradition in our family.’

‘You have spoken about how important your friends were during your trials and tribulations over the past few years. Does that mean you actually have some friends now?’

‘Yes, some of them are pure gold.’

‘Has following other bloggers given you ideas for your own blogs?’

‘Yes, I am going to do a regular Teatime Tittle Tattle in which I discuss all sorts of things with my friends.’

‘That sounds interesting, what sort of topics?’

‘I haven’t thought of any yet.’

‘And finally you are going to introduce us to a friend and fellow author who inspired your new novel Panzombic.’

‘Yes Bella Bartock writes romantic novels with a dark side and she is the first to feature in my blog series ‘Five things the author didn’t want you to know about them.’

‘Oh, was she happy to partake?’

‘She doesn’t know about it yet.’


  1. Bella Bartock is not her real name.
  2. None of her family buy her books.
  3. Nobody buys her books.
  4. She has served time at His Majesty’s pleasure and prior to that, at Her Majesty’s pleasure.
  5. She is rumoured to be dead, but has denied this.

Join Baz tomorrow for Thursday Doors.

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