New Year’s Day 2020


It’s lucky there will be no news this decade ( see Silly Saturday’s blog No News ) because I detest all those news reviews of the past year, sports reviews, who is in the New Year Honours list and lists of those who have died.
Instead I offer my review of the past decade, which will be of no interest to anybody else…

Firstly, what didn’t happen.

It was the only decade in my life when I didn’t move home.

I didn’t become a best selling author.

I didn’t get a mention in the New Year Honours list.

I still didn’t get the hang of LinkedIn and Twitter.

What did happen?

My mother has entered The Twenties for the second time in her life, she was born in 1926.

Our three offspring are all living in places we would never have guessed at the beginning of the decade.

We acquired three more grandchildren.

I became an Indie Author and published nine books.

I became a Blogger.

I was nominated for three blogger awards.


So what do we call the past decade and what will we call the new decade?
Answers in the comments.


Happy New Year and Happy New Decade.

Are you looking back over the past decade or looking forward to the new one?

31 thoughts on “New Year’s Day 2020

  1. Happy New Year, Janet! Thanks for the thought of a parent reaching the 20s for a second time. My father was born in 1927 and the thought hadn’t occurred before. He and your Mum have seen a few changes during their lifetimes!

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    1. Thanks Clive, yes they certainly have; my father once said he would like to live to a hundred just to see all the changes. Sadly he died at 71 in 1996, but if I’m still here in 2025 I think I shall write a blog about ten decades of change! Happy New Year.

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  2. It sounds like you’ve got a lot to be thankful and happy about, Janet. I allow myself to enjoy a look back, but I’ve always been about enjoying the present and planning for the future. Have a great next decade!

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  3. You know, with all the excitement about 2020, it didn’t occur to me it was the beginning of a new decade until I started hearing and seeing all the rehashing of the past 10 years. Strange, but there it is. I started blogging and publishing my own books in 2010 as well. Let’s hope the ’20s won’t acquire the label “roaring” for all the wrong reasons!

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  4. Hurrah for your accomplishments personally and professionally in the last decade! I agree with you and your reader D. Wallace Peach — “I still didn’t get the hang of LinkedIn and Twitter.” I haven’t even attempted Twitter (since I live without a cell phone), and mostly use Linked In to share blog posts and get a sense of what my friends and associates are doing in their professional lives… If I am remembering correctly, the 1920s ushered in women’s right to vote in the USA as well as Prohibition (which helped contribute to the Roaring and Jazz Age labels bestowed upon that decade. How astounding that your mom is bearing witness to another round of 20s!!! Lots of health and balance to you and your family as we embark on this make-or-break decade regarding how we human beings choose to consume fossil fuels and other natural resources here on planet earth…

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    1. Thanks Will, I hope we are all around to greet the thirties. I would have loved the nineteen thirties in the USA with all that music. Gershwin and Benny Goodman are my favourites.


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